Monday, May 11, 2009


The figure in the last image is wade. In fact all the people in my images come from photographs from visits to the high school.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

vertical storage

I noticed that wade had vertical storage for his student, but Lindsay did not. This seemed like problem to me. In my own experiences producing work I am always running out of space to but finished work. Work in progress always seems to get shuffled around as well. What to do? Well… create space for the work. Wade told me that this storage was particularly expensive. This solution is made of construction grade plywood and pine and very inexpensive.

chalk / pinup / door

These drawing show how the metal “pinup” walls open to connect the two classrooms. I don’t have an illustration, but these walls would work as a “chalkboard” as well.

tech/press drawing

This drawing is a series of images layered one on top of the other with different degrees of opacity. I was trying show how the space was used and how the different spaces within the “storage area” related to one another.


connecting the indoor and outdoor environment through the sacred geometry of a cercal

This space is designed to encourage an active learning experience for the students at Northern Guilford High School. Though art as a discipline spans many academic platforms, the process is kinesthetic. To construct a sculpture or paint a painting, you must go through the process of creating. This is an active process. The students learn by action in this scenario by the nature of the content. The space is an open atmosphere with unfixed furniture to allow the users to shape the rooms as needed. The renovation of the storage room can now be opened up to help connect the two classrooms. Both classrooms have large glass garage doors that can be opened to connect the indoors and out doors expanding the possibilities for the student’s educational experience.

covered work area

connecting the indoor and outdoor environment through the sacred geometry of a cercal

In this design the idea of the sacred geometry of a cercal led an axis. This classroom is the center of the world the students who occupy it one period out of their day. From this point the students the students will go off and explore the concepts they’ve learned. The design of the two classrooms, storage areas, teacher offices, and outdoor area are revolve around a central point and fall within the boundaries of circles based at that same point. Everything outside of the boundaries of the circles is left as it was before the renovation. This decision was made for three reasons. The first reason was to cut back on expenses. As the space is for public high school, keeping a low budget was important. The second reason is the work on the space already done by the teachers. They have made their mark on the space and that shouldn’t be disregarded. The third reason was conceptual. Based on the guiding principles rooted in the connecting of the indoor and outdoor environment through the sacred geometry of a cercal and how that is expressed by an axis.


An initial photo/sketch of what I wanted to do. This is the first attempt at trying to design in an image of an exiting space. My hope is to further work like this an even come to a final presentation image through this process.